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There are two ways to look at social media marketing.  One works, one doesn’t.


What doesn’t work is the more common business approach.  Because it’s a business marketing approach.


In other words, each social media platform has a kind of native language.  With the second approach, you don’t just re-distribute content from your blog or PPC ads.  You create content in the language of the platform.  You tell your story in a way users of the platform will be receptive to.


That, in short, is the best reason to hire TROPOS 360® to manage your social media marketing.  We speak the language of the different social media platforms.  And we translate your promotional material so it fits in naturally with what the audience expects.


Your content is shareable, relevant, and value-driven.  Which, ultimately, results in more conversions and sales.


You can be a business with the first approach.  Or you can hire TROPOS 360’s team of social media marketing pros – who are native speakers of social media language – to translate your promotions into social media content.


We offer a full range of long/short film, TV commercials & live broadcast 


Delivering an Exceptional Audio Experience


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